Real Name: David Rawalia
Pronouns: They/Them
DJ/Producer since: 2003
Main genres: Dubstep, DnB, Bass music


Bassix Sound System

DJing and producing since 2003, Wally is a Montreal based artist that blends musical styles and integrates instruments with electronic performance to connect genres, eras and origins. From dub to jungle, juke to UKG, metal to dubstep, no two sets are the same. Wally’s hybrid sets enhance traditional djing by adding electric bass, keyboard, vocals and finger drumming to present their original productions with a live edge. Style wise, expect dark yet energetic beats oozing with deep sub bass.

Via their involvement in college radio, Wally was first introduced to djing culture. Having access to an immense music library broadened their musical horizons and deepened their curiosity for the roots and history of various genres. This also sparked a passion for the medium which opened the door to showcasing underground bass music on a variety of stations from and CISM 89.3 to and bassixtream. Wally currently hosts The Diving Bell Radio, a monthly show on

In 2006, Wally helped organize Montreal’s first dubstep oriented weekly, establishing the foundation for a now thriving scene. The night’s mission was to introduce dubstep to bass fiends across the spectrum of electronic music. Forward Music Montreal hosted wide-range of artists over its three year existence including, Von D, Plastician, Synkro, Deekline, JFB, Submerse and Spor.

As of summer 2020, Wally joined Bassix Sound System. On top of resident dj duties, they also create audio, video and photo archives of everything the collective participates in. The Sound System is a stapple of Montreal’s bass scene with its regular collaborations with crews like Musik Me Luv and Conscious Wave as well as Quebec’s festival circuit working with Festoche Bamboche for its Timeless and Good Vibes events.

Whether it’s during their weekly production streams on Twich or through their dj classes with at risk youth, Wally is passionate about sharing their knowledge and breaking down barriers to the electronic music scene. Steeped in free party and open-source philosophy, their goal is to make all music related technologies accessible to all.

Keep your ear to the ground and follow the rumble to the next Wally set. Your journey to the depths of all things bass awaits!

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